Ready to approach your life and business with purpose this year?

Building a business is tough, running a household and a business is even tougher.  I've found that organization and intentional planning is the key to creating a business and life full of purpose! The Purposeful Business & Life Planner is filled with essential tools to help you run your online business and your home. Creating content on multiple platforms can be challenging, the checklists and planners included help make those processes seamless. No more wondering if you did everything you were supposed to before you hit publish! It's time to take a hold of your life and business and plan this year to be filled with purpose! 

Over 30 Printable Planning Sheets for your Home, Life, and Business

Checklist and Planners

  • Blog Post Planner
  • Facebook Live Planner
  • YouTube Planner
  • Podcast Planner
  • Newsletter Planner
  • Income Idea List
  • Income Idea Planner
  • Website Checklist
  • Blog Checklist

Trackers and Spreadsheets

  • Site Analytics Tracker
  • YouTube Channel Tracker
  • Link Party Tracker
  • Affiliate Tracker
  • Sponsor Tracker
  • Giveaway Tracker
  • Social Media Stat Tracker
  • Time Tracker
  • Content Audit Tracker
  • Mileage Tracker

Notes and Home

  • Contact List
  • Conference Notes
  • Business Brand Worksheet
  • Brain Dump Sheets
  • Monthly Income/Expenses
  • Business Password Keeper
  • Menu/Grocery Lists
  • Home Password Tracker
  • Bill Tracker


About the Creator

Your Teacher

Lesley Clavjio

Over the past 10 years, I have worked on and offline helping others realize their talents, hone their skills and expand their knowledge in order to step into the careers they dreamed of. I’ve helped people in a variety of industries including early childhood education, physical training, published authors, and blogging.Through my intuitive nature, I’m able to see the strengths in you that you may have never known existed. And then, I help you overcome the fear of the unknown like technology, marketing, growth, and development so that you can pursue your dreams of entrepreneurship.My vision is to fill the world with businesses that make people happy!